Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Valentine's Approach

With Valentine's Day approaching, I've been scouring Pinterest looking for a few fun home and culinary ideas to try. As expected there is plenty of inspiration to choose from!

I think I'll add those little pie pops to my weekend plans. On the day of love I'm definitely going to try my hand at cake pops as they're always something that catches my eye but are yet to be endeavoured upon. Sugar cookies are another culinary adventure I'd love to embark on, although suspect I might not be using the 14th as my excuse. The sweet Rice Krispie hearts will be another addition to my baking list for Valentine's Day.

In the abundance of home decor ideas I found a few that really caught my eye.

There are so many fun ideas to try! Wreaths are always so attractive to me but with the lack of a proper mantle piece, I'm a bit stuck for places to hang them. Paper garlands on the other hand.... and sweet chalkboards....

Pinterest is such a good source of inspiration. My boards can be found here.

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