Thursday, 7 February 2013

Jewellery Tree DiY

Keeping jewellery untangled and on display is a rather awkward task. Even with a standard jewellery holder, there can be trouble when longer length necklaces are dangled from its pretty hooks. Whilst dreaming up decorating schemes it seemed high time to commit some crafty attention to solve this issue and after a little deliberation the idea of a woodland jewellery hanger came into being.

There are only three things needed:
  1. A pretty branch
  2. A suitable length of ribbon or cord
  3. A point headed screw driver
(Optional #4 - Flourishes to add character)

...And when all items are acquired, the method is as follows:

  1. First step is to locate where the holes are to be made. The ribbon will be thread through these so it's important to choose a location which will keep the jewellery hanger sturdy when upon the wall. I selected two places which ran horizontal to one another and upon the thicker branches to provide some strength. Now use the point headed screw driver to bore the necessary holes.
  2. Thread the ribbon through the first hole from the back to the front of the branch. 
  3. (a) Tie a knot in the ribbon to keep it firmly in place. Super glue could also be applied to ensure the knot remains tight. (b) Thread the other end of the ribbon through the second hole and fix in the same manner.
  4. Add any extra items to fully personalise the branch and hang the selected jewels from the individual branches. I added a pretty bird, a favourite brooch and some dainty ribbons to add some interest.
I'm rather pleased with the outcome of this little DIY. It's pretty but practical and incorporates a love of the woodland. As an alternative an attractive photo frame could be used with a few hooks knocked into the back plate, somewhat like the image below.

Source: Monaluna Blog

An eye-catching piece of wood would also serve as a viable solution. The individual knobs used on the example below really add some personality.

The possibilities are truly endless! In the end, I worked with what I had to hand in accordance to a favourite theme but the base materials for this DIY would be cheaper to acquire than a store bought jewellery tree. I'm also pondering the creation of a couple more to give as gifts.

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