Sunday, 17 February 2013

Cheats Banoffee Cream Pie

Sometimes you need a quick and easy dessert option and this is one of those! All you need is:
  1. One ready made sweet pie crust. You could, alternatively, use ready made sweet shortcrust pastry rolled out into your pie dish, or even make your own crust.
  2. One tin of Carnation caramel;
  3. Two or three bananas, chopped into thin slices;
  4. One carton of whipping cream, whipped.
Assembly is as simple as loading all of your ingredients into your pie crust. I put the tin of Carnation caramel as the first layer, directly onto the crust, followed by the chopped bananas and then topped with the whipped cream. It makes for a wonderfully decadent looking dessert but without the time and tears. I look forward to using this when friends come for dinner or on a special occasion weekend.

This pie was inspired by a recipe found in a Next cookbook I received for Christmas. It called for a home made custard and I just didn't fancy making anything that was too long winded. Thus this 'recipe' (if you can call it that seen as there's no baking involved!) was created.

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