Monday, 21 January 2013

Snow #1

Over the weekend we were bombarded with snow flurries and I actually managed to take some pretty photos of the snowy landscape around my home county of Northamptonshire. Dave and I travelled back, despite a whole host of warning announcements, for a family birthday. I shared some photos of the picturesque village of Rockingham during the Summer and I have to say, the valley sure does look different when bleached by the blizzard.

These boots were a Christmas present, bought in anticipation of the snow (from Primark). They are fantastic!

Rutland valley is always beautiful.

Natural juxtaposition

I also managed to get a quick photo of Mr Robin. He's been visiting our garden for a little while now but Robins are such pesky birds to get a good photo of. He looks like a big sphere when there's snow upon the ground.

Tomorrow I plan to have a wander around the local area (back in Cambridgeshire) and I'm hoping there'll be plenty of photo opportunities.

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  1. Oh my Leah! It looks beautiful. Sometimes I wish I could have a taste of a white winter. Winters in Los Angeles are never too cold. There is definitely a change of temperature from out other seasons but nothing to too significant. Your pictures make me want to get under a warm blanket with a cup of tea!