Friday, 4 January 2013

From Now On...

A new year has begun. I never used to be one to make New Year's resolutions but last year I had a few personal goals in mind and so documented them on a pretty piece of note paper and thus my annual goals were set. This year, I feel the same way. There are a few things I'd like to do and a few emotionally driven aspirations that I have and so I'm setting some resolutions for 2013. A driver for this was that a lot happened in 2012 and it made me realise a few things:

{~} I need to slow down. I have a serious habit of developing an idea, usually it'll be a project, and my mind will race at a million miles an hour and my creativity takes over and I have it all sussed out within the hour. From here I rush around the virtual world and the high street and purchase all of my ideas across the following weekend. I thought that if I didn't do that, it wouldn't be right as the room / crafty work would be half finished. But recently I've really come to realise the need to slow down and savour my ideas. It's ok to have a room that doesn't have ALL of the accessories assembled and life is about collecting pieces that compliment your style and mental image of your home. Otherwise your house becomes a show room, a place where items don't have that emotional connection and don't necessarily reflect your true style. I'm not sure what it was or when it happened but I'm finally prepared to take the more long term track with things and I'm excited about it!
{~} I need to actively appreciate my social connections. Friends may be always in my thoughts and easily contacted via social media sites and there may always be those special occasion meet ups but these souls are there to create a more fulfilled life and I should put more effort and time into spending time with them. It's ok, even when you live an hour away from all of your family members, to choose not to return to the home county but instead visit the residential county of a close friend. I've finally come to terms with the fact that I shouldn't feel guilty about this, that family is always there and I don't need to be sat in the same living room as a family member to show my love. It might be that I'm finally growing up and becoming more wholly independent and I look forward to these new and plan packed months.
{~} I need to sort my thoughts out and apply more time to my creative aspirations. Don't get me wrong, I already spend a good portion of my time doing something crafty but there are always so many things that I think and I then lose as something else comes along. It might be that I need to write these ideas down and I can then come back to them. It might be that I need to pick a craft and apply some solid time to it and thus complete the projects I've imagined. Whichever path I take, I know I will feel so much better and have so many more things achieved.
{~} I need to make my life what I want it to be. I cannot be a lazy person and get to where I want to be or have what I want to have and it's time to start really striving for these goals.
{~} I need to stop worrying about what other people think of the things I do and the life I lead. I am who I am and I like what I like and I should be applying these thoughts to the things I buy and the way I do things. For some reason, I've always had a niggle in my head saying "would 'they' like the look of this room" or "does this look similar to the one in the magazine" but it doesn't matter. If I like something or I want to paint something this colour or I want to wear that then I should. If you have confidence in what you do then it comes across and it's that which inspires a life.

With these new epiphanies in mind I have decided the following things:
1. Make notes and collages of my ideas and use them actively (to improve the home say).
2. Utilise time and money to see ALL of the important people in our lives.
3. Slow down and appreciate the small things within the process of reaching the end point.
4. Look after myself and the rest will follow!

There is no order to these and I'm sure they will morph as I come to terms with more things but I really look forward to using these sentences to develop myself. I also hope that I will continue to have items to write about upon here and snippets to share throughout the new year.

I wish you all health and prosperity for 2013!

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