Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Decoration - Bedroom Edition

Over the past few weeks we've had a couple of changes made to the decor of our home. The stairs / landing and bedroom carpets were in dire need or replacing and so it was wonderful to get the go ahead from our landlady to do so. The same was to be said of the wallpapers that we had in our living room and hall / landing space. Our landlady graciously decided to have these updated too which is absolutely fantastic.

So, we went from a dreary yellow half painted, hall wallpapered theme in our living room to a bright cream painted finish, and from a half painted, half pale blue 80s design wallpaper on the landing to the same clear shade of cream all over. This has made such a fantastic difference as the rooms feel so much brighter and spacious than they did before. It's also meant we can really stamp our mark on them. As for the flooring, we now have a lovely seagrass carpet on the stairs and landing and a cherry wood varient laminat in the bedroom. 

I have been really enjoying spending some time and effort on decorating these rooms, but today I want to share the new bedroom space. Due to the raspberry toned carpet that used to occupy the room, we were quite limited with what colours we could accent with. However, with the new wood flooring we had free reign and we decided upon a blue base colour with touches of rose pink and lime green. Here are the before and after shots:

As can be seen, we've changed the layout of the furniture to open up the free wall to the left of the room (when looking in from the door) as I've ordered a little dressing table to house all of my jewellery trees and perfume etc, although it's yet to arrive. The branch hanging from the wall holding my necklaces is a simple DIY that I will share later on in the month. The orchid is still on the windowsill with a figure that was given to us as a house warming present. Both the curtains and bed set were bought from Argos when our colour scheme was chosen and the lamp shade is from TKMaxx. I will also be adding my crocheted granny square blanket to the bed once it's all finished up.

Above are some of the details from the room. The collage is on the wall opposite the bed, as is the stool with TKMaxx blanket and thrifted cushion, and includes my hand embroidered hoop art, blue butterfly and little wooden dolphin (on the string) from a university trip to the Amazon rainforest in Colombia, a photo collage of Dave on the beach at Cornwall and an oil painting we bought from St Agnes in 2011. The bunting hangs above the curtains and was a DIY project I ventured upon using ribbon, bought fabric and one of Dave's old shirts.

There we have it. One nearly completed bedroom. I'll be sure to share more photos as things change and the rest of the furniture arrives, but I have to say that I'm rather pleased with it so far. It feels so much more like 'us'. Expect more posts on the other rooms we've changed too!

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