Monday, 14 January 2013

Crocheting Cables

I've always admired cable knit items, such as big chunky jumpers or lusciously thick blankets, however I've never been much of a knitter. I mean I can knit but it was never something I had a thirst for. Then I discovered cables for crochet and I've been researching ever since! My idea is to create a blanket and two little matching cushions (seen as I already have the inserts!) in a mustard colour.

I quickly found a host of crochet patterns; although I think this will be the one I endeavor to complete. It's quite straight forward but still creates that cabled appearance, which should be a good venture for a first time project of this nature.

LW1558 crochet cable afghan    close-up of crochet cable afghan

For some more simplistic coaching I've been using the About website which details how to cable using all sorts of stitch counts and techniques. From the look of the pattern I think this web page will be most useful. 

One thing stands between me and this project however - finishing off that granny square blanket! This should be a good enough push forward though.....hopefully. I would be extremely thankful for any further websites or page suggestions that will help with crocheting cable, along with any cable projects in the process of completion. Please do share!

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