Sunday, 6 January 2013

52 Weeks

I've seen a few people writing about a 52 week photography challenge and I'm intrigued to give it a go myself! I like the thought of having a real goal with my photography and producing something that can be fondly recollected after the year is up. After a bit of deliberation it's been decided that the focus for my photographs will be "Dave and I" - be it either a portrait of the two of us or an image that documents something from our daily lives together. I might not always share the photos on here but I hope that the drive to use my camera may also bring along some more appreciated photographs for Teacups and Crochet Hooks. I also hope that my photography skills will improve as the weeks progress.

Here is the first in the series, the title for which is 'Weapon of Choice'. It sums up a lazy Sunday when the light disappears too quickly for outdoor activities to be a potential.

I've never done one of these kind of challenges before and I'm excited to see the results. 

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