Monday, 2 July 2012

{ Over the Weekend }

Wow, did this weekend go past quickly!

- On Saturday afternoon Dave and I nipped over to the museum to survey the Flying Legends air show. There were a whole array of airplanes on show and the sun was shining nicely. We also had a saunter around the stalls that had pitched up alongside the runway - some of the paintings and books were beautiful!
- After the air show we had a BBQ in our little back garden. It was most enjoyable and included a couple of refreshing Gin and Tonics.
- We also got most of our packing sorted for the Cornwall trip next week (sure do like to be prepared!). I am so excited! There are so many fantastic places to go and the beaches are so picturesque - all white sands and clear blue seas. It'll be nice to have a whole week to relax and spend time with DG as well.

Did you get up to anything this weekend?

Love and lacery,


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