Monday, 11 June 2012

{ Over the Weekend }

England has been sticking to its true guns this spring / summer, serving up a never ending supply of extreme weather events within the same season! After a few weeks of drought, we have now been inundated with torrential rain and flood events across the country. However, on Saturday we saw a little blue sky which did enable a little adventure! 

- Taking a walk down into the valley to admire the beautiful view and make the most of my new compact system SLR camera. The Rutland valley is truly breathtaking and the sun stayed out long enough to enable a few snaps to show the scenery. We also walked along to the village church - I do love looking at old village churches. They hold so much history and always have wonderful architecture. There'll be a scrapbook post coming up in the week to show a few more photos.
- Enjoying the floral delights of a few local stores. We've finally got enough flowers in the garden to give a good show now and the rain has helped to bring out a few of their blooms. The latest addition is a beautiful garden rose in a stained red / pink colour. It's been added to the group of terracotta pots upon the patio.
- Making a few purchases for our upcoming family holiday to Cornwall. It's so exciting! 
- Picking out recipes to try throughout the week and next weekend. So far we have a chocolate fudge cake and elderflower and lemon cupcakes on the list. I'll be sure to share the instructions if they turn out as well as hoped!

Did you get up to anything this weekend? I hope you didn't have to share of the soggy weather!

Love and lacery,

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