Thursday, 7 June 2012

{ Interior Inspiration } Bathroom Timepiece

The bathroom in our little house is the only room which we've re-decorated since moving in. This is partly because we rent and so have quite strict rules about what we can change within the space but we're also a little reluctant about changing interior aspects which we'll then leave behind when we move. However, the paint work in the bathroom was appalling and so we decided to dab our brushes and improve the room. After an evening of hard work, we were really pleased with the change. Since then we've added a new mirror and a selection of photos / seaside themed items but after a few months now we've realised we're lacking a clock - solely for convenience purposes of course!

With this in mind, i've been on the lookout for something suitable but have had no luck thus far. There's just been nothing that has really caught my eye and made me picture the wall with it purchased snugly upon it. This, along with my little adventure with sea debris to form a picture frame, has got me thinking about making a timepiece for our little wash room. I'm thinking of using sea glass for the hours and maybe driftwood running from the centre to each hour (imagine a spider's web design with a central area which spokes run out from).

Will have to see what spurs the imagination when we're walking along the Cornwall beach next month! Or wether we can find a clock in one of the fabulous boutique shops in the seaside county.

Have you ever made your own clock?

Love and lacery,

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