Thursday, 3 May 2012

{ Treasures } Book Locket

Lockets are fantastic - they're personal and pretty and they allow you to express yourself. So, when I found this locket upon eBay, I just had to get bidding! It's sterling silver and has a very pretty filigree pattern upon both sides with a safe fastening to keep the 'pages' together. I  have it upon a long length chain so that it can hang freely and be more easily seen.

When you open the lock, and pull open the first page, a concertina folded length of silver is revealed with each side holding an oval opening. All together, it holds 6 photographs of about a centimetre in height. 

I think the reason this piece of jewellery means so much to me is because it shows a part of my personality and the pictures inside made it extremely personal. The quirky shape and design speak to me as it's nice to have an item which is a bit different to the norm. A couple of years ago, my granddad gave me a book shaped locket which he'd bought for his mother whilst he was stationed in Italy at the end of WWII. This has added a whole other dimension to this little locket, as it's something that might have appealed to my great grandmother. It's became my go-to necklace when packing for trips or deciding upon an outfit for the following day.

Do you have any lockets or pendants that mean a lot to you?

Love and lacery,

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