Thursday, 24 May 2012

{ Scrapbook } A Trip to London

There are lots of "2 for 1" offers going about at the moment to a range of UK tourist attractions and so Dave and I decided to utilise the chance and make a trip to the Sea Life Centre. We decided to go to the one in London as it's only an hour away on the train and it's supposed to be one of the most spectacular. It was also a great opportunity to get a few photos of Big Ben and the houses of parliament (somewhere I've never actually seen before) and have a day off work to enjoy our own company. We also made a snappy visit to the science museum after dinner to fill in some time before heading home.


The Sea Turtle was absolutely breath taking - he was so big yet serene and his shell was beautiful. It was also nice to see the Easter Island heads taking centre stage in one of the tanks. Doesn't that crocodile / alligator look so peaceful?! And the piranha is nice and shiny... not things you'd expect in either case! Seahorses are one of my favourites so their photo had to be included in this scrapbook reel.

We had a very fun day, although the Sea Life Centre wasn't as big as I'd have guessed. We'll definitely be using some more of the vouchers on some of the other London attractions, such as a river cruise. Keep an eye out for them on certain Tesco products and in the national newspapers.

Love and lacery,

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