Tuesday, 8 May 2012

{ Over the Weekend }

Dave and I stayed within Cambs and were able to make the most of a 'plan-free' weekend. We...

- Tried out our new BBQ! It was really good to be able to partake in a little chargrilling with the petite bucket-style BBQ we bought for ourselves. Our adventures were deemed a success too!
- Baked. Well, I baked. We had some bananas turning very brown and so banana bread was a must! I experimented a little by making cupcakes with the batter, instead of a loaf cake, but it worked out just as good. Also added some peanut butter to the top of some of them and topped them all with vanilla buttercream.
- Made an impromptu visit to Cambridge for some shopping and snacking. I bought a summery dress and a couple of old style stamps for the printers block. We ate at the West Cornwall Pasty cafe for a taste of the west country (I tried a chicken and chorizo pasty which was fantastic, and Dave stuck to the traditional recipe). We also brought back a selection of handmade fudge - mmmmmmmm. The best flavour was treacle, surprisingly enough.
- Tidied some of our storage space. It's been collecting old papers and board games for far too long and so desperately needed a revamp. Unfortunately, I'm a bit of a hoarder so it's still looking rather packed! Maybe next time.....
- Finished up a crochet project which has been idling for far too long. I'll share more about this tomorrow.
- Planned for our London trip later on in the month. Sea Life Centre: here we come! I cannot wait!
- Generally made the most of some time alone. It's nice to be able to laze around in the comfort of your own space and not feel obliged to do anything in particular.

I hope you all had a fun-filled weekend. Did you plan anything special for the bank holiday?

Love and lacery,

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