Tuesday, 1 May 2012

{ Craft Corner } Patchwork

It's been a few months now since I got my quilting book and since then I've been keeping an eye out for pretty fabrics and patchwork inspiration. As an early birthday present, I was given a sewing machine from my parents! It's a very simple one, with 8 stitch styles and the usual essential features, but it's enough for me to start out on.

Charity shops have been a good source of fabric and an exciting place to flick through their treasures with the prospect of finding something fabulous! I've picked up a couple of quilt covers / sheets in pretty  patterns with the hope of using them for a "try-out" section of patchwork. So far I've a few different styles but all including blue, cream and purple colour schemes. Additionally, about 5 or so years back, I bought a bundle of fabric scraps in green hues with the hope of using them for a rudimentary quilt, but never did get round to it. These should come into their own now though!

Now that some suitable fabrics have been found, I've also been trying to decide what quilting patterns to try my hand at. Flicking through the quilting book brought up a whole host of potential, but as a complete novice I've been trying to be realistic with what I can actually achieve (although I do have a habit of just jumping in and trying whatever takes my fancy, which does help me to learn things quickly). However, after a bit of deliberation, it was narrowed down to two patterns.

Both of the blocks are 9 patch using simple squares, half squares and triangles. However, I imagine the tough part to these is the piecing together... but what better patterns to practice than these! I also really like the mosaic blocks but I'm definitely going to have to leave these till I'm more used to aligning pieces. I'm considering trying out a whole host of patterns, maybe working through the book, and then using these to make a throw or runner. We'll see! I'm definitely going to make some using appliqué too.

Do you know of any simple quilting blocks to try out? Or think I'm being too enthusiastic with the ones I've taken a fancy to? Maybe you have some quilting experience to share with me?

Love and lacery,

P.S: Happy first day of May!

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