Tuesday, 22 May 2012

{ Birthday }

I've always been someone who gets excited about birthdays, even if they're not "milestone" ages - just like this one! There's something about presents and cards that is so magical and heart felt; when both receiving and giving. I was very lucky this year, below are a selection of photos showing how.

- Balloons! I really do enjoy helium balloons. I'm not sure why, I mean they do only float around the place, but they bring a smile to my face.
- Beautiful cards. Cupcakes and tea seemed to be the theme this year. 
- Strawberry related items. Mumma and daddy bought me the white ceramic strawberry planter with the plants in and Dave's parents got me the wild strawberry seeds. I also got some strawberry conserve which will be very nice with warm toast in the mornings.
- Jewellery. I really love the white rabbit necklace (a present from Dave via Etsy). The little cuckoo clock and apple pendant were from my parents. My Auntie Susan gave me vouchers for a wonderful jewellery shop that has just opened up in a nearby town - I can't wait to go in and pick something out!
- Dresses. The one pictured is absolutely wonderful. It's a terracotta skater dress with 3/4 sleeves and pretty lace collar - all things I love! (another present from the parents).
- Accessories. This clutch bag is by Ted Baker, from their most recent range and was another pressie from Dave. I also got a pretty Cath Kidston shopper bag which will be very handy when transporting things between houses.
- Ceramics. Dave bought me a milk jug and sugar bowl in a pretty pattern called "street party". They can be found here. I seem to have a thing for milk jugs, they're a really cute shape and usually have wonderful patterns upon them.
- Eatables. Chocolate selection boxes, Galaxy caramel and chocolate orange were on the list this year (all my favourites!) along with fun flavoured teas by Clippers (raspberry leaf and white tea).
- Books. My godmother (who we call Auntie as she's a really close friend of Mumma) always buys me books. This year was no exception! She gifted 'Why Willows Weep' which is a selection of short stories, based upon old wive's tales and folk stories, by a long list of varying authors, and 'Charles Dickens' which tells the main theme and characters of his most famous novels. 'The Austerity Book' was another of Dave's gifts, as was the wooden owl model. 
- Miscellaneous. My brother got me some perfume and the pretty blue butterfly clip was a little something extra from Dave's parents. 

I also got these pretty flowers from Dave. They're beautiful and such a pretty colour combination.

All in all, it was a wonderful day, even with the cold hampering energy levels. I wish you all a happy birthday for whenever your special day is!

Love and lacery,

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