Monday, 30 April 2012

{ Over the Weekend }

This weekend was full of the usual activities - shopping, time with family and enjoying the landscape. However, there were a couple of little things that stood out to me:

- Pondering on the colour of these bluebells. Aren't they a strange colour?! They're more mauve instead of blue... it's fantastic. I wondered if it's something in the soil or they're just some kind of special species. Might have to do some research to find an answer.
- Co-ordinating my wardrobe. It was already in a kind of order with the dresses hung up in sections, for example short sleeve and no sleeve, but it still lacked order. Thus, I decided it was time to add a colour theme to it also, just to make it completely rational. I have to admit, I'm not someone who wakes up and knows what colour to wear that day, but it sure does look pretty when you open the door! (This is only a tiny portion of the wardrobe however, I'm too embarrassed to show the whole thing!).
- Loving jewellery. This necklace is by Les Nereides, part of their Dans la Foret range, and it's just too good for words! Mumma bought it for me as a special pre-birthday treat as it was down to £37.50 in Debenhams (75% off the RRP!). I love it so much, the owl is just beautiful and the little pearl and stone add a vintage feel. The whole range is beautiful, along with their other collections too - check it out!

It really has been a great couple of days. I hope you've had fun too!

Love and lacery,

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