Monday, 23 April 2012

{ Over the Weekend }

This weekend was a busy one, which is fantastic. We got up to plenty of different things, some including family and others surrounding interesting places.

- Getting a haircut! This was long overdue and I actually had about 8 inches trimmed from the length! It's a much more manageable length now and I feel so much more content with it. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy my mega long hair, but it was time for a change. Dave also had his hair cut this weekend too.
- Browsing in the local pet shop. My brother recently treated himself to a fish tank and so we've been on the look out for interesting looking inhabitants to fill its waters. Couldn't help but look at the Guinea Pigs too! They're just so cute.
- Trying new flavours of tea. I've always thought Peppermint tea sounded tasty and so we finally got round to giving them a try. Green tea is always a winner too.
- Ambling around a local boutique. This shop, in Corby old village, is full of the best things - cute trinkets, pretty accessories and awesome jewellery. Mumma and I filled some time on Saturday walking around its treasures.
- Adding to the nail varnish collection. After my success with the purple shade of Collection 2000, I decided to add some more spring shades. And at 2 bottles for £3 it was kind to the purse too.
- Smelling the scents in Boots. I've taken a fancy for Lola by Marc Jacobs (birthday is coming up so it might have to be on the 'wish list').
- Spending monies on pretty dresses in H&M. Their spring / summer collection is wonderful and so I just had to add a couple of pieces to the wardrobe.
- Wearing bright tights. Tights are great for adding a splash of colour to an outfit and ensuring a little extra warmth in this wet UK weather.
- Visiting my Auntie and Uncles as it was Auntie's birthday. We shared an egg custard tart and some tea in their conservatory which was very relaxing.

Did you visit or get up to anything that was long overdue this weekend? Or also been gawking at the spring / summer collections in shop windows?

Love and lacery,

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