Monday, 16 April 2012

{ Over the Weekend }

We actually had some plans this weekend so our usual past-times were inter weaved with more structured adventures. 

- Painting my nails a pretty lilac, with a touch of bronze, colour to mark spring. This nail varnish is a Collection 2000 'Hot Looks' one and is so hardy; it's great for everyday use.
- Admiring the pretty flowers in the displays in the local town. Violas again!
- Wearing floral patterns and floaty materials. And making the most of the new sunglasses.
- Meeting close friends for coffee. Laura, one of my closest friends, returned from her adventures around Australia last week so it was fantastic to have a natter and flick through her snaps.
- Dave being lazy with his shaving and thus growing a rather large beard (not that I'm complaining!)
- Playing some more Scrabble. Zil isn't classed as a valid word, unfortunately for me on that round.
- Taking photos of the pretty skies on the way back to Northants. I'll share some more on Friday in a Scrapbook post.

The time passed by so quickly but much fun was had by all. Did you have any plans this weekend?

Love and lacery,

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