Monday, 9 April 2012

{ Over the Weekend }

I didn't take quite as many photos as I'd have liked this weekend but nevertheless it was full of:

- Enjoying time with family. The weather was pretty dreary which meant that we spent our time indoors, allowing us to really enjoy each other's company.
- Eastery treats! 
- Indulging in a little shopping time with Mumma. We both got some sunglasses ready for our summer holidays (mine are by an Indian designer called Manish Arora, from TKMaxx, naturally) along with some pretty flowers for the garden. I'm quite excited to see how the oriental poppy and peonies turn out! I also got these cute tealight holders - aren't they just so original in their design?! The cones remind me of those you get chips in from the Fish and Chip shop. 
- Playing Scrabble with Dave. This really is a game which we both enjoy and helps to exercise our minds at the same time. I won (yay!) with a score of 381. 
- Talking embroidery with Nanna. She managed to find another hoop for me, a bigger one this time, along with a whole host of silky threads to use in my next project. I'll post photos of my first hoop art attempt tomorrow in Craft Corner. I was able to teach her a new stitch which was very exciting. 
- Relishing a four day weekend, even if the weather was being very 'English'. 
- Studying this Comma butterfly. Mumma found it in the conservatory but it's sadly not survived its hibernation. I think I might put it into a frame though, like those taxidermy butterflies you see in vintage photographs. I've never seen one in the wild before - it's such a shame that this little guy didn't make it through the winter. 
- Baking. I'll share the recipe for this bannoffee fudge cake on Thursday - it's scrummy!

Did you get up to anything special for Easter? I hope you all got a whole host of indulgent treats!

Love and lacery,

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