Thursday, 26 April 2012

{ Interior Inspiration } WWII Propaganda Posters

British war posters have always been a fascination of mine, and it seems that they're really making a come back, with the rise of Keep Calm and Carry On items (and modifications on them). With this in mind, it was a real treat to be offered a place in the Duxford branch of the Imperial War Museums, who sell all sorts of war-themed items within their shops. Some such products are postcards depicting various propaganda posters, a whole host of books and reproduction wartime leaflets and models. I picked up a few of the postcards and just had to show them off on the walls of our house!

A little while ago now, I also managed to pick up a book which is based upon recipes produced by the Ministry of Food during world war II. The recipes are all designed to make the most of wartime rations and to help the country remain as healthy and efficient as possible. Having looked at it again recently (to take these photos) it was actually produced in conjunction with the IWM, which will explain why it holds to many of the propaganda posters within its pages.

Here are a selection of my favourites.

There's just something so patriotic about the slogans and images - "Your courage, Your cheerfulness, Your resolution WILL bring us victory". I especially like the jelly eggs and "6 stars from the winter garden". What do you think to war propaganda?

Love and lacery,

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