Friday, 6 April 2012

{ Easter DIY }

Hello all! As Easter is just around the corner, I thought I would share a DIY with you. It's a small project that may come in handy if you've left the Easter decorating 'til the last minute and now fancy a small garland to adorn your household.

You'll need:
- Some paper (I've gone for artist's thickness as it gives a little more support)
- Colouring materials (I'm using water colour pencils as I really like the texture they create, but you really could use anything you fancied)
- A pencil
- Thin-liners or or coloured pens
- Additional items include scissors, sellotape and ribbon.

Okay, once you've collected your things, follow these instructions:
1 - Draw your chosen Eastery themed item onto the paper, I've chosen an egg shape. You could either freehand, as I did, or trace around a cookie cutter or chipboard shape if you have one handy.
2 - Cut this shape out.
3 - Use your cut out as a template to create a few more of your chosen shape. I made six in total.
4 - Cut all of your shapes out and discard the excess paper.

5 - Sketch some designs onto your shapes using a light pencil mark. You could skip this step if you wished to freehand your colours instead.
6 - Colour your shapes in! I've stuck to Easter themed colours (yellow, pink, peach, violet, light blue and green)
7 - If you're using water colour pencils, the next step will be to use your little paint brush, or your finger, to add water to the colour. I choose to colour in the shape and then apply the water as I feel it gives more control, but you could alternatively dip your pencil into the water and colour this way.
8 - Once your shapes have dried, use your fineliners to add some extra details. Ideas include Easter phrases and marking around your colour patches, but it's completely up to you!

9 - Take a length of ribbon or string and attach your shapes in equal distances. I've used sellotape as I like to keep things reusable....and I didn't have enough little wooden pegs. You could always staple or sew your shapes to the ribbon if you wanted to make it more sturdy.

And voila! You've made an Easter garland! This idea could easily be adapted to include any shapes you fancied to correspond to whichever holiday is paramount, or birthdays or whatever else you fancied. You could even make letters instead of shapes for a christening or special someone.

I hope you all have a fantastic Easter holiday. 

Love and lacery,


  1. Thankyou for the kind words on my blog, you have a very sweet little blog here yourself! :D xox

    1. Thank you - I find it to be a good outlet for what's on my mind.