Tuesday, 24 April 2012

{ Craft Corner } Jubilee Papers

Whilst at the local supermarket, I decided to have a gander around the magazine section - there are so many genres of publication which take my fancy but on this occasion, it was a crafting magazine that won. I spied this exceptionally cute stamp and just had to make it mine! It also came with a paper pack that appeared to hold lots of promising designs and so the magazine was worth the £5 price tag.

It wasn't until the magazine was home and I was flicking through the paper pack that I realised just how fantastic it really is! All of the papers are wonderful but there are so many that are incredibly adorable and so British as well, I really don't want to use them (and instead horde them and look at them every so often!).

Aren't they all just great?! I especially like the little birds and flowers that are incorporated into the designs. There are a mix of all colours, and even some that could be used for boys.

These papers are just too good for words! Look at all of the teapots and teacups and bunting and stamps! Also, the phrases are excellent. I think that if there were ever papers to sum up my likes, and even this blog, these would be it!

I may have to think about things and potentially use some of these papers, and the pretty stamp, for jubilee themed items. Could be some pretty bunting or cards for the family....... maybe.

Love and lacery,

P.S: The magazine is Crafts Beautiful - I really would recommend it for these special freebies!

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