Monday, 26 March 2012

{ Over the Weekend }

I was forecast to have a training spree at Duxford this past weekend but thankfully it was rescheduled which meant that we could return 'home' to Northamptonshire and enjoy some family time and....

- Revelling in the heat wave we've been having recently. The flowers are loving it and I'm pretty obsessed with cherry blossom at the moment - it's so sweet smelling and pretty and insect friendly! Isn't that pansy adorable too?!
- Wearing openweave shoes (it's not quite jelly shoes weather) and bright floral prints.
- Partaking in a little shopping. I picked up this foil bunny to add to the spring / Easter items adorned upon the sideboard. Easter bunny from TKMaxx.
- Running around the house moving the clocks forward an hour for the start of British Summer Time. There'll be one somewhere which was forgotten, I'm sure!
- Celebrating a family birthday. It was Torrin's 19th birthday on Saturday although he was working so it wasn't a full blown family event.
-  Rummaging through my Nanna's boxes of crafty items in the hope of finding some spare embroidery pieces. She gave me these two embroidery hoops, a selection of bone and metal crochet hooks (she's never been into crocheting so was very pleased to hand these over in the hope of them being used), some plain linen and a large length of thick and thin laces. I can't wait to get started on some hoop wall art!

There was also lots of usual tea breaks and sweet treats and lazing around in the sun as well as playing around with our new iPad.

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend also!

Love and lacery,

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