Monday, 12 March 2012

{ Over the Weekend }

Wow, the sun was shining so much this weekend - it was fantastic! It meant that we really made the most of the beautiful weather and got to see some sights.

- We popped into Cambridge (our nearest town / city) and had a wander around the shops. Dave was looking for mother's day pressies and I fancied a bit of a shopping spree. The stalls in the market are always full of interesting and wonderful things - I snapped the beautiful jewellery stall that had far too many tempting items and the Caribbean baking stall that had a whole host of mouth-watering good cakes and tarts. It's also nice to see some of the regular sights in Cambridge - old collages and lots and lots of bikes.
- We tried the oriental inspired soups at Eat. They come with dumplings in a wonderfully Eastern style broth and are just so tasty!
- We snacked at Costa. Scrumbly banana and pecan tea loaf and peach coolers.
- Car trips to various places. On Sunday we went to Bury Lane, our local farm shop, and looked at the Easter themed gifts and freshly baked, locally farmed food. Also picked up a couple of Primroses to add a bit of colour to the garden.
- We listened to some tunes in bed, in the morning before beginning our adventures.
- I've also been doing loooooooots of crocheting over the weekend. I'll be sure to share some photos and ideas on Tuesday in Craft Corner.

Were you able to enjoy some sunshine this weekend? Or visit a local sight?

Love and lacery,

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