Monday, 5 March 2012

{ Over the Weekend }

The weather this weekend was a real mixed bag and so didn't bode well for trips to interesting places. Thankfully, there are still plenty of things to be done inside away from the rain!

- Admiring the beautiful spring bouquets scattered around the parents' house - they're so pretty! Full of carnations, daisies, roses, lilac and lilies; it really is a feast for the eyes!
- Looking at the rain on the window. Grey skies and puddles everywhere.
- Reading through some magazines and enjoying a vanilla coffee, with usual KitKat. The little pansy cup is lovely (from TKMaxx) and reminds me of summer.
- Wearing lots of blush pink! I've always had a thing for pink and so glad that pastels are "in" this spring / summer. The dress is from TKMaxx and cardigan from Matalan, necklace from Clougau.
- On Saturday the sun was shining so I made a small trip into town. I picked up this RHS flower book - it's crammed with fantastic floral illustrations and poems and snippets of famous flower-related passages.
- Trying out nail varnishes. I fancied a combination of varying red and pink tones.

I hope the sun was shining wherever you are! And that, if not, you still managed to enjoy the weekend.

Love and lacery,

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  1. Looks like you made the most of a wet weekend! We had a rather wet one here too and couch surfed practically all weekend.