Tuesday, 20 March 2012

{ Craft Corner } Embroidery

~ Embroidery ~

Delicate embroidery adds that extra flourish to an item and reminds me so much of Victorian ladies gently embellishing their favourite dresses and shawls. However, embroidery has always been something I've admired from afar, having never been taught the stitches or delved into any related books. But, this is something that needs to change!

Etsy and Folksy are full of items that have been lovingly adorned with silken thread and they're really beginning to inspire me to learn a few of the basic stitches to start trying it out myself. 

Hoop art is another example of embroidery that really adds a touch of colour and design to a space. It can also be a really easy way of displaying your favourite fabrics without having to make a quilt or garment.

After finding so many beautiful items I think it's time to get cracking on learning some embroidery. My nanna has always been one for decorating tablecloths and handkerchiefs so I think it's high time I utilised her knowledge. I received this pretty table mat from my great auntie Edie and it now sits on the bedstead. It's nothing much but the floral and trellis design is so dainty and the colours bright and it quickly became one of my favourites. 

On a similar note, one of my favourite blogs is holding a competition to win one of those pretty embroidered initial necklaces. You can find it here.

Do you know of any embroidery tutorials I should look at? Or have a favourite example of pretty embroidery?

Love and lacery,

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