Tuesday, 6 March 2012

{ Craft Corner } Crochet-time!

~ Crochet-time! ~

Quite a late post today! Thought I'd introduce a couple of new crochet projects I'm working on. They're both short term and inspired by spring which means I've still got the hexagon project running in the background. After all, the hexagon blanket will be super thick so not needed till winter anyway!

Project one is using a pattern I used in the past but really enjoyed doing. I have made a bit of a change by making the scale of the new project smaller but it's using the same stitches and idea. The original blanket can be found in one of my first blog posts. I'm going for a baby blanket size this time though, making it quicker to complete, using different motives (I think...maybe alphabet or something) and in a spring yellow. 

Project two is a narcissus brooch. My Nanna was flicking through the new instalments of The Art of Crochet and really took a shine to the pretty daffodil flowers, so, I thought I'd make a brooch for her using the pattern. I suspect I'll make a few combinations and sizes and might list a few in the Folksy shop. This will be a really short term project but it's nice to be doing something spring themed.

Are you starting on a new project? Or managed to finish up an old one?

Love and lacery,

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