Tuesday, 13 March 2012

{ Craft Corner } Baby Blanket

Yesterday I mentioned that I've been doing a lot of crocheting recently and so I thought I'd share my project.

I've been wanting to do some more granny stitch and other more basic stitches and so I thought I'd design a pattern for a baby blanket (I like baby blankets as they're relatively small and so the project doesn't last for too long and they're also really appreciated if given to new parents). It's dimensions are 36 inches square with the biggest blocks measuring 12" and the smallest 6".

I've done a mix of squares in granny stitch, scallop lace and treble stitch in combination with more detailed squares such as the star block in the top right hand corner and the arch design in the central tall block in the bottom row. I also did a small rectangle in the loopy pattern I fancied the other week and added some bunting applique. These designs are open enough to not use too much wool but also thick enough to actually work in a blanket. They're also pleasing to the eye and the scallop lace design is quite intricate which adds a bit of detail.

I went with a mix of yellow, cream and gold so as to make it neutral gendered (as well as wanting to use this sunshine yellow wool, it's such a Spring like colour!) and stitched the blocks together using slip stitch. To finish off, I did a round of treble crochet and chain stitch in alternating form.

I think I might get crocheting on some of the squares I've used but in pinks and blues and purples and greens in the hope of making up some more of these blankets. Have also got another idea for these squares but that's staying in my notebook for a bit longer.

If you've any suggestions or ideas please do share them! 

Love and lacery,


  1. Omg I totally am in love with this! What a great little blanket!

    1. Thank you so much :-). It's been a really nice project to work on!