Tuesday, 14 February 2012

{ Craft Corner } Valentine's Special

Happy Valentine's Day! 

To mark the occasion I thought I'd share a couple of quick crafty DIYs which can be adapted for any special day.

The first is a quick and simple way to wrap presents when you've been less than inspired by the range in the shops. It's also very cost effective! You'll need a roll of brown paper (can usually be found in the Post Office or stationary shops) and a selection of coloured pens / pencils / crayons. Now all you have to do is wrap up your presents in the brown paper, as you would usually, and then using your chosen drawing implement, start doodling! 

I've gone for a Valentine's theme to wrap up Dave's presents but you could easily draw or write anything you wanted - Easter eggs or butterflies or ribbons or Christmas trees etc.

This second DIY is a bit more time consuming and requires a bit more preparation but after your first attempt you'll have the things you need to keep on going as and when you have an idea. It requires some empty glass vases / jars, glass paints / nail varnish / glass glue and ribbons / lace / trimmings. I've used glass glue (which you can get in craft stores) and ribbons. Alike the wrapping paper, you can tailor your designs to whichever occasion you're celebrating or whichever theme you're thinking of.

The steps are simple enough:
1. Clean your jars thoroughly with soapy water. I like the shape of these ones so it's nice to have a use for them! You don't need the jar lids in this DIY.
2. Paint on your designs. You could use templates put in the jars and cellotaped to the side if you don't fancy free-handing them. Alternatively, if using glass glue, you could paint the designs on a sheet of acetate and then apply to the jar, although this may require a lot of patience if you decide upon an intricate design.
3. Allow the paint to dry. The glass glue dries within 15 minutes or so and can be peeled off the glass if you decide to change the design. 
4. Tie on your ribbon. 

I've given a few examples of how to use these jars but the possibilities are endless really. I'll have some more love-themed items coming up tomorrow and Thursday. 

I hope you enjoy this day of love, however you decide to fill the hours! 

Love and lacery,

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