Monday, 20 February 2012

{ Over the Weekend }

This weekend was full of lots of fun things!

- Spending time with Brindle. She recently suffered from "Old Dog's" or Vestibular Syndrome but has thankfully recovered fantastically with a bout of steroids and blood thinners. She's a grand old age of 13 now though so spends most of her time sleeping!
- Enjoying the snowdrops and other springtime flowers. They're just so pretty and really get you in the Easter mood.
- Watching 'The Emperor's New Groove'. It has so many funny phrases in it that Dave and I simply can't help but laugh....a lot. Disney really is wonderful though.
- Snacking on iced doughnuts, mmmmmm, and various other teatime snacks along with a few hundred cups of tea (ok, maybe a small exaggeration). The mug with the pumpkin on is my all time favourite drinking vessel and known as "Leah's cup" at my parent's house. It's by Portmeirion Studio under the design name 'Halloween' but we've never been able to find any other pieces.
- Partaking in a few wordsearches. 'Tis a great way to fill the time.
- Burning fresh smelling candles.
- Road trips through the English countryside.
- Finding new additions to our crockery collection. The Portmeirion plates and bowls; and the green cake stand (seen under the decorative plate) were all bought from TKMaxx. The little vintage crinoline lady plate is from Mummy - I really do love the guilded swirls and garden image on these pieces!

I've also been thinking about my new quilting venture after managing to find some great fabrics whilst in Leicester last week, but I'm sure there'll be more about that at a later date. I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend also! 

Love and lacery,

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