Thursday, 2 February 2012

{ Interior Inspiration } Unintended Uses

~ Unintended Uses ~

I've a habit of using items throughout the house in ways which their original manufacturer didn't intend when designing them. However, I find that this allows me to fully appreciate them as they're always on display or serving some extra function. Here are four of my favourite unintended uses for items.

(1) Cupcake Stands
These adorable little stands are so cute and colourful that they just have to be admired, rather than stashed away into cupboards until such occasions as they're required. I have a small collection of milk jugs and a vintage handkerchief vase upon the kitchen windowsill and thought that these little stands would serve as a suitable display unit to give some dimension. 

You really could display any little treasure upon them or use as a way to enforce a colour scheme. You could even use them to show off your knitted / crocheted cakes at craft shows or online. I was lucky enough to find these little stands in the John Lewis sale for a mere £1.50 each! However, any good baking-ware shops and Etsy also sell variations of the little cuties.

(2) Sea Debris
During a traditional family holiday in Cornwall, I picked up a print of a handpainted scene of St Agnes and knew it should be an adornment in the room. I also took the chance to collect a few pieces of driftwood and other flotsam along our regular beach in Hayle to create a rectangle in which to house the artwork. The knotted rope was a real find! 

If you're thinking "oh, I don't have enough creativity or time to make something like this" then you're wrong! It only takes one or two items, say a leaf or a bead that took your attention, in your required theme to add to a wooden or glass frame - a way of making you smile as you recall the associated memory every time you glance the photo / frame on the wall or standing on a sideboard.

(3) Headbands
Floral headbands really are extremely pretty but I never seem to find the time to wear them. However, used as a decorative item to add that little something to items. My example is a plain satin lampshade.

This headband was another sale bargain at only £1 from Dorothy Perkins. The flowers are so beautiful that I simply had to have them visible all of the time! However, you could use any embellished headband or ribbon upon lampshades or vases or doorhandles or anything you fancy! The same can be said for hairclips, especially floral ones, which I clip to handbags and curtain rails and blinds and all sorts.

(4) Decorative Coat Hangers and Trinkets
The original intention of this wire 'coathanger' was to support a fluffy rabbit doll by the ears, which was simply too mean in my eyes, so bunny was taken off and now lives in my parent's kitchen. I then, on a whim, took to pegging trinkets to the hanger using those little wooden pegs designed for scrapbooking. 

If you're not one for trinkets then you could use a decorative coat hanger to show off your favourite bookmarks or to hang photos from - the possibilities are endless!

I hope these little insights into how to make the most of your treasured items are useful and inspire you to have a play. Please do let me know what you discover!

Love and lacery,

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