Thursday, 16 February 2012

{ Interior Inspiration } Dried Flora

~ Dried Flora ~

Flora has always been of interest to me and thus I find it a necessity in the house! However, fresh flowers are not always an option and so I've come up with a couple of other ideas which include blooms and leaves.

When you have a beautiful fresh bouquet of flowers in your favourite vase it can be sad when the stems start to dry out and the flowers droop. But, this doesn't have to be the end of your blooms! Dried flowers (be it just the petals or the whole head) can be just as pretty put into a little bowl or used as permanent additions to jars. If you have your flowers in a dry and warm space, they will dry out slowly which helps keep them from browning. It's best done with roses or small blooms such as gypsophila or paper like flowers. Here are a couple of pictures of how I've used my dry flowers to be vintage inspired decorations.

Additionally, you could also used dried leaves! Autumnal colours are fantastic but you could use any leaf which takes your fancy. You'll need to press these to make sure they don't curl - this can be done by taking two sheets of A4 paper and slipping the leaves between them. Then, put the pages underneath a large stack of heavy books and leave for a week or so. Alternatively, you can find flower presses which are best left in an airing cupboard or warm, dry place. A third option is to put the leaves into a photo frame whilst they're still fresh. This way they'll dry out but in their laid out position.

Leaving seed pods to dry will also have a similar effect. I like to use poppy seed heads and rose-hips.

I hope this little tutorial will help you be more imaginative with your floral touches!

Love and lacery,

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