Tuesday, 28 February 2012

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~ Sugar Craft ~

Beautifully decorated biscuits have always been of interest to me. They're just so pretty and very tasty and can really add a theme to your spread if you wish to! However, I've never really known how to make them so I've been on a bit of a sugar craft tutorial hunt and this is what I've found......

decorated autumn cookies

Basically, decorating cookies with royal icing uses two steps - outlining and flooding. Outlining means tracing around the shape of your chosen cookie, or tracing the shape of your chosen theme onto your cookies. Flooding is filling in this shape with runny royal icing. However, knowing this still isn't enough to go out and give it a try which is where the following links come in!

Bake at 350 is a wonderfully sweet (in all meanings of the word!) blog and often features fantastic tutorials and ideas. Having scouted around I found a couple of tutorials for "flooding" the cookies with icing, to create that smooth finish, including a Youtube video to explain how to make syrupy royal icing. The links are here and here

Sweetopia is another pretty and inspiring blog which hosts a few tutorials on icing. I found a video posted by them which clearly demonstrates how to outline and flood cookies. This page has a few extra links to sugar crafting forums and books and things but the original instructions on the page are fantastic. It even includes simple steps such as filling the piping bag and storing the cookies once decorated; along with more in-depth decorating tips. Here is another page which gives more straight forward details on cookie decorating and a recipe for royal icing can be found here.

Another step-by-step I found was over on Brown Eyed Baker. The instructions are very clear and in-depth including lots of pictures. Here's the link!

Living in England, I wasn't completely sure if we can find the same royal icing recipe ingredients as suggested in the above link. After doing a bit more research, it seems that glycerine and egg whites are commonly used in England. Recipes can be found here and here

These are only links that I've found interesting and inciteful, you can find a whole lot more out there on the interweb! Try searching "decorating sugar cookies" or "icing biscuits" and there are looooooooads more links and images available. 

What are your thoughts on decorative icing? Do you know of any good tutorials out there?

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  1. How pretty those cookies are! I've always envied anyone who has the talent to make them look so yummy. Will definitely have to check out the links you supplied. Thanks for sharing!