Sunday, 29 January 2012

{ New Year, New Opportunities }

Ok, so I've been seriously neglecting this place since I set it all up in August of last year and it's time for that to change! Since the new year I've been trying to stick to a few resolutions including...

 "make the most of every opportunity"

... and I fully intend to! As well as the usual 'projects I've been working on' and 'upcoming plans' I'll also be introducing a couple of new features! The first is "Crochet in Layman's terms" which I hope will help all of you budding crocheters out there, and a couple of interior design type threads to give you all a little inspiration. There will also be the usual recipes and other crafty posts along with my learnings of new crafts, including patchwork (too excited!) and photos of people / places / themes to pass on the feelings they imparted upon me. Generally, I hope to use this blog as a space to talk about things which are on my mind and to publish ideas. I'd be extremely happy if you choose to follow along and I hope that you've all had a fantastic Christmas and start to a happy new year!

Love and lacery,


  1. Exciting - sounds like you've got loads of fab things coming up! LOVE the sound of the crochet for beginners, we'll definitely be looking out for your tips :) - looking forward to your adventures in patchwork too, we've just started it is VERY addictive!

    love the design of you blog too btw!

    Love Rhi & Lauren xx

    1. Hehe, I hope that it'll be useful. Sometimes books and things can be a bit overbearing so little posts giving instruction should be more helpful. I always look forward to your patchwork posts - the chevron cushion design you did was so good!

      Thanks! Tis an original design which probably explains why it's so cluttered and bright!

      Leah X