Thursday, 11 August 2011

{ Tools of the Trade }

Knitting and crocheting have always been a family past-time. My Nanna started knitting when she was about five years old and thus has amassed around seven decades of experience. There’s no pattern she can’t complete and is a wealth of knowledge upon the subject – truly inspirational. As a result, she knew exactly what to pass on when I kept up the tradition.

I adore this folding wool tidy. It was a present to my Nanna from her mother and it’s now been passed down to me. Its floral fabric and pine coloured supports are still fashionable today and it’s such a good way of keeping wool and other little items together. The little crafts box was a present from Nanna also. It’s a perfect size to keep small lengths of wool and embellishments along with thread and felt for making my brooches, and taking them with me when I travel. I keep my hooks, scissors, needles and other little items in the fabric pouch in the front of the picture – a present from an Auntie for my 21st birthday. Lastly, the little collapsing storage unit is an ideal place to keep my completed squares and related wool. The large stack to the left is the first 40 blocks for my starry blanket and the little wicker box underneath houses my Folksy items.

I use metal hooks when crocheting but was wondering if maybe some wooden or fancy ebony / stone ones would be better? They’d definitely be more pleasing to the eye than the ones I use currently! I suppose there are also pretty looking plastic ones available too. What do you use, and suggest?

Love and lacery,

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