Thursday, 11 August 2011

{ Teacups and Crochet Hooks – The Launch }

Hello! Welcome to my blog! This space will be a way of me sharing my musings as I crochet, along with a few other little craft projects, and showing you all what I’ve been working on with the intention of inspiring you! There will also be some interjection from other subjects as I take tea-breaks and generally experience things. You’ll soon find out that I have quite a few hobbies so there’s always something to share with you all! I hope you enjoy my thoughts and images and that you at least go away with a smile on your face or a thought on your mind!

Right, I suppose I’d best introduce myself. My name is Leah (as you’ve probably already seen from the ‘About Me’ section) and I recently graduated from university with a degree in geography. I’ve always been a creative person and thus crafts have always interested me and helped me to express this side of my personality. Crocheting is relatively new to me, having only started it towards the end of 2009, yet I absolutely love the items you can create using it and I'm already quite addicted! I was inspired to try my hand at the craft after observing a friend making a blanket, and I'd always loved a blanket Mummy had made when she was younger. I suppose a further reason was that I didn't take to knitting very well and thus it was a great substitute. However, I've been card making, scrapbooking, drawing, photographing and many, many other past-times for many, many years.

You’ll probably hear me mention the names Dave and Brindle throughout my future posts so I’d best put some faces to these names for you. Dave is my partner and the person I share a house with. He’s my all-time favourite person and the one who sees my finished items before anyone else. Brindle is the family dog. She lives with my parents and brother in Northamptonshire, my home county, and so I only really get to see her at weekends and holidays now. She’s adorable, very clever and snugly... and getting on a bit now really. There might be more introductions along the way too.

Okay, I think that’s enough rambling for this introductory post! I really do hope you enjoy the images and information I post and that you’ll be itching to show your creative side as a result. Please do visit my Folksy page to find some of my finished items.

Love and lacery,

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